Control and automatisation service
for city logistics

Costs shortage
up to 30%

Descend mileage and
fuel consumption. Deliver more
with the same amount of vehicles

Saves your time
Saves your resourches

Two clicks on buttons for an instant set of optimal routes

Your customers
should not waste their time, waiting for you

Our service forecast
the arrival within 15 minutes period.

Our programm would be useful
if you are

  • Distribution company\ wholesaler

    Deliver more with the same amount of vehicles, decrease the impact of "human errors" in planning

  • Internet Shops

    Increase your cutomers loyality with a precise delivery terms. Our service provide estimate delivery forecast (15 min accuracy due to traffic)

  • Courier delivery, ATMs and other service companies

    Ease and fasten your employees work. Watch your drivers real-time and control delivery status.



Outcome routes
90% accurate to real road situation.

Set precise
delivery terms

Forecast of
courier arrival
within 15 minutes.


Track and control your drivers in real time.


Bulk type, weight, dimensions and other restrictions set by user.

with your CRM\ERP systems

RESTful API is "plug and play" for most of the CRM\ERP systems :
1C, MoySklad, DAX, and many others.

with a Glonass\GPS data

See the whole path! The planned and the real route.
Use our mobile app or third party GPS trackers and data

For free!
Try it!

Full featured
free demo access with our full support
in first 14 days

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